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On the Sitecore Web Platform:

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Maximise value

Whether you’ve just invested in Sitecore, have been on the platform for a long time or are considering a change to a new digital estate, it’s time to drive more value. Kin + Carta exists to ensure you maximise every opportunity.

Existing Site Optimisation:

You buy into the dream of creating a unique digital experience, you take the time to find a new web platform that sounds right for your needs. You invest and wait six months for it to be built and then, as time goes on, it never quite lives up to the dream. More often than not, it's not the platform at fault, but the approach to its implementation, optimisation and the ability to iterate long term.

Time for an update or change:

Your site is a little old and in need of a refresh, or you’ve inherited a legacy platform that hasn’t been capitalised. Is investing budget in a new website or updated version the best option, or can an expert partner invest time to make your site leverage customer data and meet today’s customer expectations?

If either situation sounds like you, then get in touch. Read on to learn more about us, how we do it and most importantly what this meant for some of our clients.

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Lexus Case Study

For Lexus we implemented an innovative European wide customer experience DDO programme called ‘KOKO’. We blended both qualitative and quantitative methods, to ensure a rounded picture of user behaviour which gave us a good understanding of the ‘voice of the customer’.

49% increase in test drive leads
879 improvements
150% Improved dealer finder form completion rate
4.7/5 customer satisfaction score for the test drive and brochure application processes

Kin + Carta’s work has exemplified our ‘Kaizen’ approach to continuous improvement. Using data and A/B testing, the incremental changes made, whether big or small, have always added up to real enhancements to the user experience, and profitable results for our business.

Our Takumi craftspeople are renowned in their relentless attention to details, and the team at K+C has shown how this mindset can be successfully transferred to the digital world.

Christophe Meulemans - Manager, Lexus Brand & Marketing Communication

Our latest Sitecore webinars

We recently joined up with Sitecore to bring you some insightful ways of driving more value to your platform

Are you maximising your Sitecore platform?

In this Sitecore 101 session, we focus on the now by implementing a Platform Assessment, which will identify the levels you need to unlock in challenging times.

Watch our 101 webinar on maximising the value of Sitecore

Performance, resilience and scale: Benefits of Sitecore on Azure

As computing technology advances, we explore the benefits for Sitecore customers when hosting in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Watch our 101 webinar on the benefits of Sitecore on Azure

The key to delivering awesome customer experiences: DDO

Discover how using the right data and insight can help you deliver an awesome experience.

Watch our 101 webinar on delivering awesome experiences

Kin + Carta Data Driven Optimisation (DDO)

We help businesses achieve great success and get the most value without necessarily having to invest in a ‘big bang’ redesign. We formulate strategic roadmaps that are grounded in ROI and our DDO specialists will determine where the biggest opportunities are to increase your business performance.

DDO will support your Customer Experience Strategy and together we perform a heuristic review of all touch points across the journey, focusing on the returning customer experience loop. By aligning our research with your business goals and brand ambitions, we uncover where to improve customer experience.

A diagram of our Data Driven Optimisation Process

Our Data Driven Optimisation process

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

CRO focuses on improving the user experience using a variety of methods, from quick win releases and structured AB testing, through to strategic product launches.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We use data and insights relating to organic search performance vs. competitors to audit your website. Findings allow us to concentrate efforts where most advantage can be gained. For example, for London North Eastern Railway (LNER), we Identified a need for additional content, targeted at acquiring new customers at the bottom of the funnel, resulting in a 1100% ROI in Year 1.

Platform optimisation

Our platform optimisation process balances the need to identify quick wins that drive immediate value whilst laying the foundations for future growth. For Lexus we delivered a series of technical and content enhancements which significantly improved load speed by 34%.

Analytics Strategy

We ensure the right data is being fed into the business and, most importantly, that it's being understood and optimised in the right way, which then can then in turn fuel our other areas of DDO.

Silver partners, working with Sitecore for over 8 years:

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Case studies

A brief look at some of our Sitecore projects.
M&G Investments logo

M&G Investments<br/>A platform to deliver growth

We enhanced M&G’s existing global Sitecore platform, to support a Digital Transformation programme and ensure it was being used to its full capacity.

Greyhound<br/>Redefining an American icon

Changing consumer habits and the power of digital, meant Greyhound was struggling to stay ahead. We developed acquisition and retention messaging digitally for Greyhound as well as creating a new website and App, to inspire and engage with the audience and bring to life Greyhound’s new ethos. Our work picked up a prestigious BIMA award for Best Digital Transformation.

Greyhound bus
AJ Gallagher rugby ball

AJ Gallagher<br/>Redefining digital acquisition globally

Putting the customer at the centre, we transformed their website from a brochure-ware tool into a unified, cross-channel and data informed, sales and marketing channel.