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Building retail experiences for the future


Consumers are demanding next generation experiences

The future of retail about long term growth, maintaining competitiveness and focusing on building customer loyalty. 

The sector is still in the midst of understanding the new industry baseline, looking at the nuances of key consumer shifts observed over the past year, and identifying what behaviors are set to endure beyond the present. Our specialist team at Kin + Carta help you understand the new normal and optimise your customer experience.

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The Future of Retail

Take a look at our top insights and predictions on what's next for retail and the pivotal role digital will play in rebuilding retail in the new era.

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When there is so much uncertainty in the industry, why not increase your market share by 20% by creating products and services that are accessible to everyone? With a significant increase in the number of people accessing online services through necessity, it is critical that retailers ensure their e-commerce sites are fully accessible to all as soon as possible. Audit your online platforms to find out where you can improve your accessible retail experiences.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Lost revenue and brand loyalty are the unfortunate consequences if retailers don’t manage change correctly. With retailers reducing access to their apps to cope with surging demand, customers were left with no choice but to choose retailers based on their availability and supply over years of brand loyalty. Leverage technology to ensure that your systems are more resilient than your competitors.

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Digital First Customers

Online shopping sales have tripled in the past 5 years and are significantly rising due to the Covid-19. Optimising digital experiences to be seamless and convenient is a crucial differentiating factor in weathering this storm. Test and identify your UX and create the digital journey that your customers need. 

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Touch Free Experiences

Despite 63% of customers saying they would be willing to come back into store, there is and will be a long-term focus on ways to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Exploring ways to create seamless, touch-free experiences is critical to continued success in a post covid world, safeguarding your business and increasing customer loyalty

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Crisis Response

It is more critical than ever to understand who your customers are and how to communicate with them effectively. Why not use data you already have to help effectively manage these relationships? Especially in these volatile times it will help reassure clients and drive brand loyalty.

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New Propositions

While customer behaviour remains in flux and new habits form, now is the time to test new propositions. Reimagine and rebuild your organisation through tactics such as a shift to a digital-first proposition or bundling existing propositions.

State of Omnichannel 2023 report

Explore UK and US consumer experiences and find out why personalization and data are key to building a successful omnichannel approach.

Our research found that shoppers everywhere feel let down by disconnected retail experiences and uncovers huge opportunities for retailers to increase consumer loyalty and revenue.

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We teamed up with Kin + Carta to help us deliver on our product vision in a very tight timeframe. The team worked exceptionally well within our complex organisational and technical architecture to deliver a high quality customer experience, fast. As a result, we were able to launch the Mobile Pay Go service after just 12 weeks of development.

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