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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Awareness


Building a better and more welcoming world for everyone

We’ve got an IDEA. What if we can make the world a nicer place by promoting inclusion, diversity and equity in everything we do and raising awareness while we’re at it?

It’s our global mission to make life better for everyone, but we know that real change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when we commit as a collective to becoming a force for good. It happens when we resolve to break down systemic racism and structural inequality in both ourselves and the world around us. It happens with IDEA.

Our guiding ambitions for IDEA

For every initiative and every change, no matter how small, we are led by the five guiding ambitions we set out in IDEA’s Strategy Action Plan. They keep us all on the right path towards a better, safer and fairer world for all.

Employees feel as if they can bring their authentic selves to work

Kin + Carta simply must be a safe place for everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion or background, so we strive to ensure that every aspect of our culture empowers people to be themselves and learn from each other. We’re powered by the diversity that shapes our best ideas and dynamic culture.

Our teams are as diverse as the population in the regions in which we operate

We aren’t here to tick boxes; we’re here to make a difference to society by going above and beyond the industry standard when it comes to diversity. We’re here to accurately represent the communities we serve.

People are paid equitably for equal work

We are committed to breaking the cycle of inequitable pay for all at Kin + Carta because everyone should be equally rewarded for work of equal value. This ambition leads us to constantly monitor pay equity and the gender pay gap to ensure parity across the business.

IDEA is a sustainable and ingrained part of how we do business

IDEA is not just an initiative. It’s a way of life at Kin + Carta. That’s why we embed these ambitions into everything we do across all our regions, meaning that everyone can benefit from a world that works better.

We are IDEA leaders in the technology community

We have a duty to lead in the technology industry and an obligation to hold ourselves accountable for the impact we have on it. IDEA, then, is about being open and accessible to everyone and sharing our own learnings at every opportunity.

Where we are

Our IDEA programme ran as a constant thread throughout what was a huge year for us at Kin + Carta. Its underpinning values and dedicated champions in every community, country and continent led us to some remarkable achievements in FY22. Here’s a flavour of that progress:

91% of employees agree that “people here are treated fairly regardless of sexual orientation/age/ race/gender.”
12% increase in the representation of our ethinic minority Kin in the US.
40% female representation in our European workforce maintained

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

From 2022 to 2023, we saw a significant improvement in our gender pay gap, with a global decrease from 18% to 9%, surpassing our target by seven percentage points. This achievement reflects the quality of our employee experience capability across our regions, from talent attraction to continuous engagement and talent retention. This year, we are pleased to mark the first time we’re publicly publishing our UK gender pay gap report

Read our report here
Report images of our gender pay gap report

The IDEA programme is no longer a small group of individuals working on ad hoc initiatives. It’s now a massive community of almost 100 people actively working on a wide range of initiatives across nine countries on three continents.

Shereen Barros - Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion
Group of Latin american employees of the IDEA commitee

What has IDEA achieved so far?

Over the past year at Kin + Carta, we have prioritized building our foundation to serve our clients and deliver a higher standard of digital transformation consulting. Our foundational business transformation and becoming the first certified B Corporation trading on the London Stock Exchange are great achievements for our starting point and our five guiding ambitions at the core of our Strategic Action Plan will help us transcend even further.

Download the IDEA 2022 report

Fostering an award-winning culture

Our mission — to build a world that works better for everyone — not only guides how we serve our clients, but also how we run our business, how we treat one another and how we impact the communities around us.

For our Kin, being a part of an award-winning team year over year is not just about the recognition, it’s about our shared mission that continues to drive us forward.

Recent achievement
Group of female employees having a good time

Get to know our Affinity Groups at Kin + Carta

three people working in the office

Black + Kin

Striving to create a space where Black Kin can find support, direction and empathy. 


Creating and championing a safe space for our LGBTQIA+ employees.

Read more
woman public speaking

Women's Group

Building a network and community to support the women at Kin + Carta.

parents at work at home

Parent’s Group

Creating a safe space and network for any parents to ensure everyone is given.

charity partner


Supporting our communities with our charity partners.

working in an office

Mental Health at Kin + Carta

Fostering an educational and supportive environment where people feel supported to talk about their mental health.

What IDEA means to our Kin

Get to know our Kin and find out what IDEA’s initiatives mean to them around the world.

We are making our newly developed policies and references to the external resources we’ve used, freely available to everyone. By offering our resources and working documents externally, we hope we can encourage other organisations to implement some of the policies, programmes and plans that we have found successful here at Kin + Carta offer our resources and framework to other smaller consultancies and agencies that may not have the resources to develop these assets on their own. We will keep our list of resources updated as we progress on our own journey. The downloadable resources are:

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