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Transitioning from SAP Commerce Accelerators to headless

Kickstart your commerce evolution

The challenge

SAP Commerce Accelerators are becoming extinct. With the Accelerator Storefronts already deprecated, SAP has stated that support for those accelerators will be obsolete in 2025, and they will be removed from the platform.

If SAP Commerce customers don’t transition off of these storefronts soon, they risk:

  • Wasted hours and dollars spent on time consuming frontend changes
  • Using unsupported and potentially unsafe legacy technology

To avoid stalling efficiencies, now is the time to start planning for the future of your commerce experience. Digital evolution doesn’t wait. Don’t fall behind.

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The solution

Every organization has unique factors that will guide their preferred approach to migrate off the accelerators. We anticipate most affected organizations will choose to migrate to a headless architecture while maintaining SAP Commerce as the backend commerce solution based on existing high performing infrastructure, desired capabilities, risk tolerance, and investment profile.

Benefits of headless architecture:

Moving to a headless, composable solution offers several advantages over the traditional monolithic architecture, including:

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Faster innovation

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Greater flexibility

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Reduced risk

How to get started

One 90-minute evaluation. One pragmatic path forward.

This is an opportune moment to catapult your commerce strategy forward and Kin + Carta has best-in-class digital and commerce experts to help. We’ll come prepared to discuss your current commerce experience, infrastructure, and options for navigating the deprecation of SAP Commerce Accelerator Storefronts during a 90-minute evaluation.

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By the end of this evaluation, you will come away with clarity on an actionable path forward to kickstart your commerce revolution!

Get started with your headless commerce migration journey

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