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The world is moving to a different beat


It’s time to innovate faster than ever before

Population growth. Urbanisation. Pollution. Society is changing fast, and transportation has to keep up. Automotive companies must adapt quickly to new ways of living and travelling while navigating regulatory pressures, global supply chain challenges, increased costs, and reduced margins. It’s a perfect storm of change.

Legacy organisations have to adapt and future-proof their businesses. Emerging digital-first competitors are challenging the way we think about transportation and are not ‘held back’ by legacy systems and technologies.

Kin + Carta has been a trusted digital transformation partner in the mobility sector for over 20 years, from establishing boundary-pushing start-ups to assisting the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on their digital journey. We’re building a world that works better for everyone and our skills and experience help you modernise, optimise and succeed in this shifting industry landscape.

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Challenges facing automotive

Consumer demands, new technology, and government legislation are forcing the OEM industry to change faster than ever before.

Despite accelerated growth in most markets, infrastructure, cost and supply chain challenges have created hurdles to meeting customer expectations and regionalised targets.

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The new mobility ecosystem

What role does your business play in an era where car ownership looks fundamentally different? How will you adapt and continue to succeed in the age of ride-hailing, car-sharing, and self-driving vehicles?

Tech-savvy entrants are disrupting the market, while consumers are demanding more and more. How do you differentiate and stand out from the competition?

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Evolving your business

To create the right products and services, new internal skill sets are required. Businesses need to embrace cross-functional teams, shorter delivery cycles, and modern tech infrastructures and ways of working.

How do you create these structures and find the talent to remain competitive?

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Data foundations

Telematics, analytics, and machine learning provide an opportunity to deepen your customer relationships and get an edge in this highly competitive and complex environment.

We help our clients harness data to provide signals and insights to guide the business forward. Our experts are at the cutting edge of data and AI, building smarter, accessible, sustainable products which help businesses make data-driven intelligent decisions.

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From the rise of alternative fuel technology to leveraging cutting-edge tools to reduce emissions from digital real estate, sustainability is on the agendas of forward-thinking automobile organisations.

Where should you be looking to make the biggest changes?

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The wow factor

A new generation of transportation has arrived that is more personal, seamless, and intelligent—from in-car technology to personalising your mobility experience and machine learning, it’s an exciting time for the industry.

We help our clients create experiences that attract sales and grow loyalty. We work with major automotive brands to delight customers and drive revenue.

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How we help you meet those challenges

Kin + Carta offers holistic thinking that combines strategy, product, design, technology, and data to ensure the success of our clients. Our teams work alongside your teams to modernise legacy systems and establish internal capabilities and improved ways of working.

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