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A global network of tech pioneers

Relationships built on trust and industry-defining technology

Today’s most advanced technologies and platforms have ushered in a new era in computing, and their true potential is still being realized every day.

Kin + Carta is preferred by the world’s leading technology teams. Our deep partnerships extend across cloud providers, data analytics tools, eCommerce platforms, and artificial intelligence & machine learning tools.

Strategic global partnerships

Google Cloud

As an awarded Google Cloud partner, we help enterprise clients across industries accelerate their journeys on Google Cloud.

We bring expertise in application development and modernization, building chatbots and voice solutions through CCAI and Dialogflow, and enhancing eCommerce experiences with modern composable commerce and Vertex AI Search for Retail.

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As an awarded Microsoft partner, we offer services across the Microsoft portfolio to drive innovation in cloud computing and the way people interact with technology.

Our experts are skilled in modernization of applications, product development, specializing in enterprise data architecture, customer data platforms, and data integration services.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As an AWS partner, we leverage the power of the Amazon Cloud across a diverse array of industries.

Our offerings include complex, full-stack web and mobile app development, connected hardware experiences, and voice skills.

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Our partnership with Contentstack allows enterprises to manage and deploy their digital content across all channels and create inimitable digital experiences.

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Our partnership with Optimizely spans across all sectors, and our expertise enables us to deliver at scale while providing ongoing strategic support to our customers to ensure they are getting maximum value from the platform.

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Our partnership with Contentful helps clients understand how to work on the cutting edge of modernization to meet unique challenges with enterprise rigor.

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Our partnership with Databricks helps enterprises transform raw data into business value by unifying data and AI workloads to deliver more meaningful insights, ranging from traditional reporting pipelines to custom machine learning optimization applications.

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Our partnership with Sitecore delivers world-class digital experience platforms for our clients to provide the best authoring experience with the optimum content delivery experience.

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Our partnership with VTEX helps enterprises in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, and grocery operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly, and deliver remarkable customer experience.

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[Kin + Carta] brought a customer-driven development methodology that helped us build what our customers actually want, instead of what we thought they wanted. They had a proven process for that approach, along with experience working on Google Cloud Platform. It's been tremendously successful.

Tom Pearce - IT Manager, E-Commerce, Gordon Food Service

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Global partnerships leadership team

The Kin + Carta partnerships team is dedicated to ensuring you have the right access and expertise across every partnership across the globe.

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