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High growth, digital native businesses

Digital Native

Providing scale-ups with a partner for growth and transformation

If you’re one of the exciting, high growth tech businesses born to the cloud, Kin + Carta can be your partner for the challenges and opportunities you face. We work with digital-native scale ups to rapidly transform innovative potential into fast and sustainable growth. We know what it takes to succeed and have the skills and experience to make it happen for you.

Let’s take this journey together.

How we can help you grow

Business model innovation

Whether its corporate venturing or venture backed start-ups, we will help drive growth through designing digital channels and capabilities, or reimagining existing business models to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Web and app development

Our end to end service delivers products that make a difference. That includes intelligent websites and apps that acquire, delight and retain your customers. We take the time to understand your users and instrument your digital experiences to minimise friction and drive growth.

Cloud enablement and migration

Our business believes in MACH engineering. Whether you’re building out your cloud infrastructure or capability for the first time, embracing multi-cloud or migrating your workloads to a different technology, our teams have helped early and growth stages businesses build modern, best in class business-critical software to power growth at pace.

The power of data

Make the most of your data to optimise, iterate and advance everything you do. We can provide a data strategy that’s right for your business. Our team will activate marketing data in the Cloud, help you experiment and productionise AI/ML or simply augment our data team as you expand.

Outsourced and managed services

Successful start-ups fully focus on their core offering. We can take care of the infrastructure needed to deliver that success such as setting up or managing your Cloud environment, applications or digital experiences. Our managed services team deals with the daily issues and keeps everything working 24/7.

Scaling to enable growth

We’ll use the right technology to scale your supply chain, operations and fulfilment capabilities to meet the now and future demands of your business.You can go for growth without worrying about the logistics.

How can we make it happen for you?

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To bring Cazoo to life we needed an end-to-end product & technology partner that would help us to achieve our ambitious timeline to launch whilst building a modern start-up at the same time. The Kin + Carta team brought the speed and capabilities we were looking for, and worked with us as true partners to make Cazoo happen.

Jonathan Howell - CTO, Cazoo

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