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Radio telescope pointing to a starry sky

Unlocking value in Aerospace with strategic solutions

New Space

Pioneering tech disruption for New Space to make the impossible possible

The allure of space has transformed from a source of wonder to a catalyst for groundbreaking innovations — impacting diverse sectors like finance, agriculture, energy, telecommunications, national security, and climate science.

As the potential of space continues to expand, Kin + Carta is partnering with enterprise leaders to collaboratively unlock its boundless possibilities with our global reach and industry expertise.

New Space requires an accelerated pace of innovation

At Kin + Carta, we empower our customers by pioneering solutions. Our data-driven strategies and agile mindset drive success in this complex and interconnected domain. Our relentless commitment to customer-driven innovation and workforce empowerment reshapes experiences and spawns innovative business paradigms. With expertise spanning technology realms such as cloud, AI and machine learning, we streamline operations and enhance decision-making, improving quality of products and speed of delivery.

Build faster, launch more.

Enterprise modernization

Evolving the legacy technology at the heart of aerospace has never been more critical.

As disruptive new processes threaten to destabilize old ways of working, we work alongside you to build a more nimble and future-focused foundation.

Digital product development

Do more with less.

We combine human-focused design with agile methodology and world-class software development, helping you unlock products and experiences that fuel brand-new opportunities.

Establish operational excellence with agility

Just as strategy moves at rocket speeds, your company’s operational capabilities must evolve in a rapid fashion.

We design and implement operational and organizational capabilities incrementally, in a faster and more efficient manner. We start with the most critical activities and continue to build on the foundation to accelerate change.

Scaling faster

From enabling precision rocket engineering to streamlining supply chains and supporting intricate satellite telemetry, our advanced technology helps organizations reach new horizons.

Scale at rocket speed with access to cutting-edge solutions.

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Our New Space experts are strategists, builders and product leaders, working with researchers, designers and data SMEs - and we love to chat!

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