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Pre-integrated best-in-class data, commerce, and personalization capabilities

Integrated Commerce Network

The challenge

Digital commerce has become increasingly crucial for businesses in today's world, driving over $5.7 trillion in sales globally. Yet digital has leveled the playing field. New businesses can quickly capture market share by responding and reacting to the needs of consumers and customers alike.

This agility is enabled by technology and no business can afford to stand still without investing in their commerce platforms.

Research conducted by Kin + Carta also reveals a consistent theme. Business leaders are struggling to trust and use their data. These data silos are limiting the ability of brands to enrich their data and innovate, and improve the customer experience.

72% of consumers have never had a memorable, positive experience with a retailer in exchange for their data.

Kin + Carta - State of Omnichannel Report 2023

In order to navigate an ever changing world, we at Kin + Carta believe that businesses need a foundation that supports future innovation and enables them to reach time to value quickly. Monolithic legacy technology can prevent organizations from releasing new features at pace - and slow means costly.

Understanding the consumer or customer is also at the heart of this modernization journey, with tailored marketing, personalized experiences, and the use of customer data key focuses that enable growth.

Summary of the challenge:

  • Unclear customer experience strategies, including inability to reach consensus on defining the customer experience and how to improve it
  • Siloed information in terms of collecting, managing, and storing customer data
  • Confusing procurement choices and integration path for modern commerce solutions
  • Risk of data leakage from disparate solutions

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Our approach

Integrated Commerce Network

In order to accelerate our clients’ time to value with a modern and future-proofed commerce tech stack, Kin + Carta has launched the Integrated Commerce Network (ICN), a curated group of software partners who enables this transformation across commerce, marketing, and customer experience. We believe these partners represent the best-in-breed solutions in their respective domains, while also being complementary to one another.

The ICN is being launched with:

commercetools, a robust and flexible foundation with unlimited scalability that supports all commerce operations. It offers all the components you need to build and run shopping experiences across all digital and physical touchpoints, and adapt to changing market dynamics and customer preferences.

Bloomreach, an Al-powered e-commerce personalization platform that includes a marketing automation solution enabled by BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse. The Bloomreach customer data engine seamlessly integrates with the Google Cloud partner ecosystem to help you create engaging experiences for your customers and increase conversion rates.

Quantum Metric, a customer-centered digital analytics platform that provides a simplified approach to monitor, diagnose, and optimize the digital journeys that matter most. The Quantum Metric platform offers in depth customer understanding, quantified and tied to core business objectives.

MongoDB Atlas, a developer data platform, trusted by thousands of businesses to power their modern retail applications. With its powerful, flexible, and scalable architecture, MongoDB provides the foundation for creating seamless and engaging shopping experiences across all digital and physical touchpoints.

The ICN will continue to expand to include complementary partners that will help businesses like yours activate data and unlock new revenue. Now is the time for data-driven commerce transformation, and Kin + Carta is leading the way.

Learn more about how to simplify digital transformation with the Integrated Commerce Network.

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Integrated Commerce Accelerator

Built in tandem with the ICN, our Integrated Commerce Accelerator brings together data from each software vendor on Google Cloud BigQuery. The goal of this accelerator is to help generate new and innovative insights that ultimately enhance the customer experience. This accelerator can also enable the rapid deployment of a modern composable commerce platform on Google Cloud— in a matter of weeks - to visualize and showcase the benefits of a composable solution.

Outcomes the Accelerator enables:

  • Understand how to incorporate multiple best-in-class solutions into a composable yet tightly integrated whole
  • Harness the power of data, design, and technology to create intelligent customer experiences
  • Boost customer personalization, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Increase profitability and achieve fast time to value through rapid deployment and data-driven insights

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Components of the foundational accelerator: Commerce, Insights, Personalization

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